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Infection Control


Dentists are the leaders in infection control given the nature of our business and the serious contagions that exist throughout the world. We use stringent infection control measures and the most current and effective medical grade sterilization products to protect our patients and staff from the spread of all bacteria, fungi, viruses, and serious contagions/diseases, including the current threat of the Wuhan-Covid19 virus. While seriously harmful or deadly pathogens may typically be somewhat rare in Alaska, we believe strongly in the proper cleaning of operatories and all other areas of our office, and discard disposable personal protective equipment to prevent any potential spread or transmission.


Important info for our patients on our practice and the Wuhan-Covid19 virus concern:

- None of our staff have traveled outside of Alaska since 2019 and none have traveled outside of the country in over two years.

- Any patient presenting with a cough, fever, or any potential flu like symptom will be immediately rescheduled and encouraged to visit the closest hospital for evaluation. Any patient that has returned to Alaska in the past 14 days, has had contact with a person that returned to Alaska in the past 14 days, or has had contact with someone exhibiting potential cold/flu symptoms will be rescheduled immediately.

- While we pride ourselves on keeping a clean disinfected office, all higher traffic areas (lobby, reception,...) will be cleaned/sterilized between patients

- The office may close and elective treatments may be postponed. Feel free to contact us for the most current schedule. If we are not open, there will be a message relaying the current office schedule and emergency contact information.